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2015 Schedule
Events and Game Times are subject to changes
Day Time Teams/Event
Thursday - January 15 7:00pm Welcome Party at Host Hotel, The Hilton Garden Inn
Friday - January 16   Round Robin - Day 1
A Division 9:00am Maine Fire vs. US Marines - Rink #1
Norway Savings Bank Arena   Sanford PD vs. Maryland FOP 89ers - Rink #2
Auburn 10:10am Lewiston PD vs. Air National Guard - Rink #1
    St. Louis County Police vs. Somerville FD  - Rink #2
  11:20am Maryland FOP 89ers vs. US Marines - Rink #1
    Maine Fire vs. Sanford PD  - Rink #2
  12:30pm Somerville FD vs. Lewiston PD - Rink #1
    Air National Guard vs. St. Louis County Police  - Rink #2
Division B 8:00am Army National Guard vs. Fallon Ambulance
Androscoggin Bank Colisee 9:10am Old Colony Police & Fire vs. Somerville PD
Lewiston 10:20am JCPD Enforcers vs. NYPD Old-timers
  11:30am CT Guns vs. New Brunswick Canadian Police
  12:40pm Army National Guard vs. NYPD Old-timers
  1:50pm Fallon Ambulance vs. CT. Guns
  3:00pm Somerville PD vs. JCPD Enforcers
  4:10pm New Brunswick Canadian Police vs. Old Colony Police & Fire
  6:00pm Party at Gritty's, in Auburn
Saturday - January 17   Round Robin Day - 2
Androscoggin Bank Colisee 8:00am Fallon Ambulance vs. Somerville PD
Lewiston 9:10am JCPD Enforcers vs. Ct. Guns
  10:20am Old Colony Police & Fire vs. NYPD Old-timers
  11:30am Army National Guard vs. New Brunswick Canadian Police
  12:40pm Lewiston PD vs. Sanford PD
  1:50pm Maryland FOP 89ers vs. Somerville FD
  3:00pm Maine Fire vs. St. Air National Guard
  4:10pm US Marines vs. St. Louis County Police
  6:00pm Party at Pedro O'Hara's, in Lewiston
Sunday - January 18 Championship Day
Androscoggin Bank Colisee 9:00am Opening Cermonies
Lewiston 9:30am Bronze Medal Game B Division
  10:50am Bronze Medal Game A Division
  12:00pm Kora Shriners Pipes & Drums
  12:45pm Championship Game B Division
  2:00pm Championship Game B Division
  3:00pm Closing Ceromonies